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Spring of 2022 will be our launch of 3-glamping tents, where you can stay overnight and enjoy your own campfire!  Let us welcome you to our family and we will help you with your story and whatever that may include.


And so…With arms wide open under the sunlight

Welcome to this place, I’ll show you everything

With arms wide open

With arms wide open

With Arms Wide Open – Creed

Human Clay © 1999 The Bicycle Music Company

Plan Your Next Retreat.

Plan your next women’s retreat at our property.  Our Ranch offers unique spaces to roam and gather.  Additionally, our property offers its own trails through our beautiful woods, and lakefront.  We are minutes from some of the best hometown shopping in Buffalo, MN.

Provide your own programming or choose from the following menu of activities and/or workshops our staff can offer. Contact us to help create a meaningful retreat for your group.

We’re now accepting reservations

Horsin’ Around Workshop

Horsin’ Around Workshop- 

Facilitated by Shawn Marie Paul

Up to 6 people

2-4  hour session

Gaining Confidence around horses through exploration of self (no experience needed).  This is a hands on program, no riding.  

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.  –Brene Brown

Working the Ranch – Volunteer Opportunities

Working the Ranch –

Volunteer Opportunities

1-2 hour session

Join our team in the seasonal work of caring for the land in a way that also provides a learning experience. Get dirty in the garden, feed our animals, muck the paddocks or help with firewood.  Working together provides unity and perspective while learning new skills.

Team Building

Team Building

2 hour session

We will facilitate activities for your small group to explore how to come together as a team and utilize each others’ strengths.  You’ll laugh and have fun, and come away with tools for positive team culture.

Youth Groups

Women’s Groups

Men’s Groups

Church Groups

Writers Retreat

Team Building

Empowerment Sessions

Family Gatherings

Family Reunions


Photo Opportunities


Girls Nights





Helping Horses In Transition: Rescued, Retired, Rehomed, Reimagined.

From breeding to retirement, the Racehorse Reimagined collaborative has joined forces to assure we have the commitment and resources to support our equine partners to the finish line and beyond.

This Little Horse is a program of This Old Horse focused on miniature horses and ponies.


If you have any questions, please send us a message!  We will respond promptly!